S U M, pronounced “soom”, is a latin word that means " I”or "to be”.  S U M has forged  its identity in the meaning of the word “sum” and inspires its fans to be themselves.  The  band is lead by drummer, composer, producer and arranger Steve Belvilus.  Their sound can be defined as “hybrid pop/jazz/soul/funk”.  Steve has an extensive career in the music industry.  He has worked on Broadway (Hamilton: An American Musical),  with Natalie Cole, Hezekiah walker and Grammy winning producer Scott Jacoby (John Legend/Sia) to name a few.

S U M vocalist, Patryce Williams, is a professional actress/singer based in New York City.  She studies at the prestigious Barrow Group Theater School. She has been the lead singer of SUM since its inception.

S U M started in October 2015.  His bandleader, Steve, had an opportunity to play a regular gig in a restaurant in Harlem.  They played mostly regular jazz and soul music covers at that time. By the beginning of 2016, he used this opportunity to try out some of his compositions in that setting. S U M was created soon after, with Patryce Williams and Steve Belvilus as executive producers. In September 2016, they released the EP “S U M” then in September 2018 the self titled album “S U M”. The album was released in Europe, USA and Australia. The album single, “It’s Alright To Be Me”,  has been featured in France, USA and Australia because of its outstanding music video concept.  SUM debut album was listed as “Best Soul album” in the September 2018 editorial.  Though jazz and soul are present in S U M music because of some improvisational elements and Patryce’ vocal, it remains a pop band because of the songs repertoire, composition styles, their fashion style and the constant interaction with the public during their live  show.

S U M has performed at the Baiser Salé in France at the Jazz Sur Seine music Festival, at The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., Musikfest in Pennsylvania, on NPR Radio, Brooklyn Bowl in New York, The B.B. King Blues Club in New York, Rockwood Music Hall, Club Bonafide in New York.